"Here I am five years down the line, I continue to receive exceptional care from Dr. Chen for my condition and he has never wavered in his pursuit to help ease my suffering. I have seen nothing but the highest quality service and care and professionalism that should set the standard for all physicians." - George C.

"Dr. Chen is always very patient with my young daughter who is always scared to get her warts frozen. It takes a long time to convince her to get treatment but in the end he succeeds." - Val J.

"I went to a Dr. Chen and he diagnosed me very accurately, and relieved a lot of stress from my previous diagnosis from another dermatologist which was way off. He was very nice when I saw him which can be rare to come by with doctors." - Benajmin G.

"My daughter and I thought Dr. Chen was very patient with questions, very knowledgeable and gave us really clear advices about what we need to do with our skin conditions! He did not try to sale anything to us, not like many dermatologists do. I would recommend him to anyone!" - Maorei B.

"Dr. Chen is very patient and be able to tell me the cause of my skin problem, and answer all my questions and concern. I highly recommend Dr. Chen to everyone." - Yumi W.

"Dr. Chen is a very professional, friendly, patient, intelligent doctor that really does help explain the skin problem I had. It was a great experience." - Daniel K.

"Dr. Chen is extremely knowledgeable about conditions of the skin. Growing up I had scabies, bouts of eczema, mysterious patches of hair missing... And he always has a solution and I'm always very happy when I leave his office. Even with my rosacea.. He was honest- he said "I can prescribe you creams and pills that will just frustrate you... But with this condition it really is about life style changes.." And he was 100% correct. As soon as I identified my "triggers".. My condition pretty much went into remission." - Steph M.

"My office visit with Dr. Chen was a great experience. He took the time to answer all of my questions and expanded the information to help me fully understand my diagnosis. That is the most important thing to me because there is no miracle drug out there but as long as I have a doctor to help me work through my problems. I feel very comfortable with Dr. Chen and will recommend him to anyone that asks for my suggestion." - David L.